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Gold Wick Trimmers

Gold Wick Trimmers

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Efficiently Trim Your Candle Wicks with Gold Wick Trimmers

 Are you remembering to Trim Your Wicks?

Wicks should be trimmed to at least 5mm before relighting - this will help your Candle to stay alight and avoid charcoal from messing up your Candle.

Our Gold Wick Trimmers are the perfect accessory for your candle-lighting experience. Durable and beautiful, these trimmers are designed to quickly and safely snuff out wicks before re-lighting. The gold finish adds an elegant touch to your mantelpiece with no compromise on quality.

Maintaining your candles is crucial to ensure they burn properly and evenly. One important step in candle care is trimming your wicks. This not only helps to prevent soot from forming but also ensures that the candle burns efficiently.


At our store, we offer a collection of gold wick trimmers that are perfect for keeping your candles in top condition. Made from high-quality materials, our trimmers are designed to snip wicks to the perfect length, helping to maintain your candle's burn rate.



Investing in a gold wick trimmer is a small but important step in maintaining the overall quality of your candles. Trust us, your nose and your wallet will thank you for it!

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