Brazilian Coast (inspired by Brazilian Bum Bum)


An Addictive and alluring scent that takes you to the beaches of Brazil. A perfect blend of coconut,creamy caramel, Pistachios, and sweet orange on a warm sandalwood and vanilla base.


Boho Musk (a unique Hope aromas Blend)

A beautiful blend of Vanilla, Patchouli and sandalwood essential oils.


Sweet n Salty Caramel  (Our biggest seller if you are looking for a strong sweet smell)

A gorgeous sweet treat with just the right amount of saltiness. Smells like Caramel popcorn or a Caramel cake with notes of Coconut, Vanilla and creamy condensed milk.


Japanese Honey Suckle ( a strong floral scent )

A sweet & floral scent with a light floral musk, base notes of vanilla, malt, jasmine & cedarwood.


Sugar cookie

Smells just like the freshly baked sugar cookies your mumma would make

With top notes of Mandarin & lemon, Middle notes of Baked bread, Maple syrup.

Base notes of Vanilla, sugar cane.


Amalfi Coast ( a fresh scent )

An invigorating blend of Wild freesia, fresh lime & lavender.

This scent is loved by men and women. Some customers say “ The sexy man scent’’


Morning Mimosa ( a fruity invigorating scent)

Start your day off right with Our Fruity Morning Mimosa. A blend of Mandarin, Jasmine & Vanilla.


Champagne & Strawberries

A distinctive Combination of ripe Strawberries and Raspberries with notes of Champagne & roses.

Top notes- Raspberry leaf green

Middle notes- Champagne Red rose strawberry

Base notes- Vanilla bean Hyacinth.


Lychee Martini            


Sweet & fresh with notes of Lychee & lime peel. Like a sweet and fruity dessert on a Summers night.


Pink Musk

Inspired by the musk stick Lollies we ate as a Kid.

A strong sweet Aroma with notes of Musk, Patchouli & Sugarcane Honey.


Pineapple Peach

Inspired by the Fruity Cocktail ‘Sex on the beach’

With notes of Pineapple,Cranberry, Peach Schnapps